Abadeh marble stone

Abadeh marble stone

Abadeh marble is one of the creamy marble stones with limestone which is extracted from many mines. In some types, the background of the stone is light, in others, this light is seen as halos on the surface of the stone, and in another type, it is seen as snowflakes. Also, in some of its types, there are regular waves, and in others, complex waves are tangled and pink in color. There is another species where the red dots in the form of pomegranate seeds can be seen on the stone and it doubles the beauty of the stone.
This stone is suitable for parts of the building that need less washing. Due to its light color and high compressive strength, this stone is a good option for the floor stone of commercial and residential buildings and the stone for stairs.


Abadeh marble has a higher water absorption than other marble stones and therefore it is not suitable for parts such as bathrooms that are in contact with high humidity.

  • Beautiful polished surface
  • The price is right
  • Dense
  • Strong
  • Bright theme

Application of Abadeh marble stone

Abadeh marble is most commonly used in stairwells, internal walls, and its weaker grades can be used in sheds and warehouses, etc. Abadeh staircase stone is one of the famous stones with a reasonable price for stairs. In addition, since the theme has a bright color, it is suitable for dimly lit places. But due to the percentage of lime in this stone, it is not recommended for flooring and areas that are in contact with high humidity.

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