Persian silk marble stone

Persian silk marble stone

It is one of the most popular luxury marble stones in the market. Another name of Persian silk marble is Silk Emperor.

This stone has a gray background and irregular lines and white spiders can be seen in it.

It is very strong and its high abrasion resistance and low water absorption have made this stone to be placed in the category of quality and luxury stones.

Uses of Persian Silk marble stone:

  • The interior of the building
  • Hall and reception hall and rooms
  • Cabinets and space inside the kitchen
  • Lobby and entrance hall of the building
  • Stairs and under stairs
  • Footboards and walls of the stairs
  • Building walls
  • Margins
  • Elevator wall
  • Luxury sanitary services
  • Luxury and master bathrooms
  • Luxury hotels and projects
  • Counters and counters of public centers
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