antique or guillotine, scissors or broken

antique or guillotine, scissors or broken

This product is made according to the increase in construction and the need to supply stones that can provide speed and ease of execution as well as quality and cheap price.

In the production of these stones, all kinds of processed and cut natural stones are used in small sizes, such as travertine, marble, marble… and therefore, they can be used in various arrangements and colors.

Such stones are also called antique or decorative, because they are among the first options chosen by people and experts in the design of interior and exterior decoration of buildings.

The special features of this product have made it attract many fans in the domestic and foreign stone market and it is one of the best-selling products.

Advantages of antique stone:

  •  Easy installation at different angles of the wall,
  • Arched and curved walls
  •  Round columns due to small parts and easy cutting.
  •  The ability to install in the interior and exterior in stylish and beautiful models.
  • Huge variety of designs and stones

The ease of working with this type of stone has made it possible for everyone to work with it and even change the decoration of their home without the need for skilled people.

  • Ability to work in combination with other decorative products such as wall paper, black, paint, ceramic, glass, mirror, metal, leather, etc.
  • High work speed
  • The natural combination of colors and patterns in antique stone makes you not tired and creates a sense of freshness every time you see it.
  • Fire resistant
  • Absorption of ambient noise in the interior of the building and reduction of noise pollution
  • Antique stone can be combined with cheaper stones that are the same color as our hard facade, which makes the facade more beautiful.
  • Applicable in traditional, classic, post-modern models and creative and new designs

Usage of antique stone:

  • the wall behind the TV,
  • between the cabinet and under the open kitchen,
  • Covering the wall of the staircase, next to the staircase, bedroom, hall and reception hall,
  • the wall around the fireplace,
  • The exterior of the building
  • stone panel
  • columns.
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