Stairs Stone

Stairs Stone

One of the integral components in most buildings is the staircase, which is actually a part of the building that is used to connect two different levels.

Stairway stone is one of the best choices for this part because of its high strength and resistance. Due to the increase in pressure from the floor covering, the stairs must have an acceptable resistance so that they do not change color, break, fill lip, etc. due to the passage of time and adverse conditions.

Standard selection of stepping stones

The stone selection criteria for stairs can be divided into two important factors inside and outside the building. The type of stone and stone products changes according to the use in one of these two modes.

Stairs in interior spaces should be more beautiful and elegant with a shiny and transparent surface.

Stairs in the outdoor space must be able to endure harsh conditions (both in terms of weather and in terms of use) and in addition, it should not have slippery problems and have suitable surface friction. In general, stepping stones should be chosen with a thickness of more than 3 cm in order to have high pressure resistance.

What stones are suitable for internal stairs?

  • marble stone
  • Granite
  • Travertine
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