Travertine is an extremely durable and compact natural stone that is widely used in construction.

Travertine is a limestone sedimentary rock that is mainly made of calcium carbonate minerals.

It was the most widely used construction material for the Romans, until recently it was known as Roman Travertine.

Among the world’s most famous historical monuments built with travertine stone, It is impossible not to mention the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Church, or the Troy Fountain. This stone is widely used in the construction industry due to its high color diversity.
It is known as the best-selling stone for building facades.

Also, with the advancement of science and technology, processes such as resin and epoxy are applied to this stone, which has made this stone more efficient and durable.

Characteristics of travertine stone:

  • Limestone sedimentary rock
  • With wavy and sloped layering
  • Being porous
  • Resistant to wear and impact
  • Ease of cutting and shaping
  • High resistance to pressure and heat
  • Good heat and sound insulation
  • Good adhesion with mortar
  • Being light weight
  • High polishability
  • High water absorption

The most important uses of travertine:

use in facades such as Roman facades

  •  Wall cornice
  • Step stone
  • Floor Covering

Stone artifacts and decorations

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