Abbasabad white travertine

Abbasabad white travertine

Due to its advantages, this stone is one of the best bright travertine stones in the world and it is one of the most attractive and beautiful stones for the facade of the building, the bright and polished color of its surface attracts the eyes of every viewer, and it is undoubtedly the choice of good taste.
They are one of the most suitable options for use in buildings in different parts such as facades and walls of a building.
White travertine also has many fans for the facade of the building.

Features of Abbas Abad travertine stone:

  •  Abbas Abad travertine stone with its beautiful appearance and shiny surface has made it the choice of many builders and designers.
  • The resistance of this stone to environmental factors and weather conditions has made this stone a popular stone among builders.
  • Its easy cleaning also mentioned that this stone, having a shiny surface, can help in easy and convenient cleaning of the stone.
  • The low weight of Abbas Abad travertine compared to other stones such as marble and granite has made it an unrivaled stone for building facades.
  • Travertine stone has voids due to its sediment composition. These voids and holes make the mortar adhere well to the stone and the stone is easily placed on the building.

Application of Abbas Abad travertine:

  • Exterior of residential and office buildings
  • Use in Roman and classical facades
  • Flooring of buildings, offices and residential houses
  • Covering the main and secondary columns in the internal and external facades of the building

Super Abbas Abad travertine stone is available and can be supplied in 40 length sizes, slabs and desired dimensions.

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