Khorramabad granite

Khorramabad granite

Khorramabad granite is available in chocolate, gold and elephant colors in the market.
Its absorption of water and iron is lower than other granite stones is.

This stone is resistant to cold, heat, impact and pressure and has moderate sanding ability.
Installing this type of stone in the facade with mortar is not very suitable due to its high weight and lack of adhesion, because after some time the stone may fall out of its place of installation, which will be associated with possible life and financial problems.

Applications of Khormabad granite:

it is available in 40 length sizes, slabs (cabinet tops) and desired dimensions.
This stone is used in all internal parts of the building, including internal walls, parking floor, staircase body, and stepping stone, and the external parts of the building, paving area, sidewalks and stone tables.

The main use of this granite stone is in outdoor paving and in places that are exposed to a lot of traffic (grooved).

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