Magpie antique brick stone

Magpie antique brick stone

Magpie brick antique stone with black background and white veins is another antique stone that is in the category of guillotine stones. As its name suggests, this antique stone (decorative stone) is made of Najaf Abad black marble and has many uses. Black antique (decorative) stone is usually used to beautify the interior decoration of the house, office, etc., and it gives a very elegant, modern and special effect to the desired environment.

The characteristics of the antique stone of Magpie brick

  • High resistance in different weather conditions
  • Application in a part of the exterior of the building due to the material of marble stone
  • Can be used and implemented in all parts of a building
  • It has suitable abrasion and pressure properties
  • Long life and high strength
  • Beautiful design and color

Application of stone guillotine magpie brick

You can combine the magpie brick antique stone both individually and in combination with other decorative antique stones such as white antique stone.

  • Application in a part of the exterior of the building in combination with other materials such as termwood and stone
  • The inner walls of the parking lot, staircase and yard
  • Decorative wall of TV room and fireplace
  • Decorative wall of the reception hall
  • Decorative wall between cabinet and kitchen
  • Staircase and bedroom wallpaper
  • Internal and external columns of the building
  • Frame around elevator, door and windows
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