Travertine brick antique stone

Travertine brick antique stone

Antique travertine brick stone is one of the types of antique and decorative stones, which is in the category of guillotine stones.

Cream travertine guillotine stone with its beautiful color is suitable for any kind of taste and decoration. You can also combine this product with other antique colors such as antique walnut, cream-brown and tree trunk and double its beauty.

Travertine brick antique stone features

  • High resistance in different weather conditions
  • Application in the exterior of the building due to the travertine stone material
  • Can be used and implemented in all parts of a building
  • It has good abrasion and pressure resistance
  • Long life and high strength
  • Beautiful design and color

Application of antique guillotine travertine stone

  • Application in the external part of the building as a facade stone in combination with other materials such as termwood and stone
  • The inner walls of the parking lot, staircase and yard
  • Decorative wall of TV room and fireplace
  • Decorative wall of the reception hall
  • Decorative wall between cabinet and kitchen
  • Staircase and bedroom wallpaper
  • Frame around elevator, door and windows
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