onyx stone

It is one of the special and very stylish products that are used in the interior decoration of many houses. The background of this stone is mainly cream colored. But the veins and shapes seen in the texture of this stone are usually yellow, golden, light brown, dark brown, gray and even black. The texture of this stone is full of carved shapes in different colors.

Features of Golden Onyx Slate:
• Low water absorption and humidity
• High strength and resistance against various factors
• Immunity against wear and scratches
• Sun protection
• High sub-acceptance
• Pressure resistance

Applications of Golden Cloudy onyx stone:
• In the kitchen for stone between cabinets, counter and island.
• In reception halls to make fireplaces or accessories.
• In toilets and bathrooms to cover the walls or other items in that space.
• In the lobby of hotels and commercial and entertainment centers for wall or floor covering.
• Covering the wall behind the TV.
• In spaces that face the problem of lack of light.
• In the stairwell of the building.
• In the art and sculpture industries.

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