Romantic Onyx Stone

Romantic Onyx Stone

Romantic onyx stone is one of the best, most luxurious and beautiful onyx stones with a very eye-catching color spectrum in Iran.

To avoid waste, this stone is generally produced in slabs.

China, Russia, the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf are mostly importers of this stone.

Features of romantic onyx stone:

It has various colors from blue to turquoise green and brown and yellow halos can be seen in it.

One of its most unique features is the ability to pass 50% of light through its surface, which means that it does not have the ability to pass light completely, and this can become its distinctive and attractive feature.
This marble is also called seven colors.

In addition, onyx is one of the few stones that is eye-catching and relaxing both in backlit and non-lit situations.

These features have made the romantic onyx stone to be used in luxury projects.

Among the distinctive features of this stone, we can mention polishability, resistance, beautiful color and porous texture.
This stone contains charcoal and manganese, which causes the blue and gray color.

This type of onyx stone is cut in two ways, wavy and non-wave.
Romantic wavy onyx stone is a combination of blue, turquoise green, brown, yellow and white colors and these auras are regular and parallel to each other.

Applications of romantic onyx stone:

  • Interior walls
  • Lobby wall and hotels
  • The cornerstone of television
  • Kitchen counter and kitchen island
  • Lobby and hall floor stone
  • Stone artifacts
  • the floor
  • stairs

Advantages of romantic onyx stone:

Low water absorption
resistance to high pressure and flexibility,
High wear resistance

Available dimensions of romantic onyx stone:

The most common cutting dimensions of this stone are slabs because the beauty of these precious stones is more impressive in slab dimensions.
Of course, it is also available in the market as tiles.

In addition, its beauty is doubled with sub and polished finish.

The romantic onyx stone is cut in two ways, wavy and non-wave.

You can get this stone in the dimensions of slabs and tiles with the best processing quality with a sub cut and exported with a thickness of two centimeters.

We can provide you with romantic marble in various dimensions so that you can easily choose in the form of slabs with dimensions of 1/50, 1/60, 1/70, 1/80, 1/90.
At  2/60, 2/70, 2/80, 2/90   and in the form of tiles with dimensions of 40*60_40*80_40*100_40*120  We suggest


Factors affecting the price of stone in general:

* The quality of stone processing has a significant impact on the price of this stone.
* The greater the thickness, the higher the price of the stone. Of course, the larger the size and diameter of the stone, the higher the price of the stone.
* The design and pattern of stones is another factor affecting the price.
* The uniformity of the stone is another important factor in the price.
* Sorting and grade of stone also affects the price of stone. * The cost of extraction and transportation also affects the final price of this stone.

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