Diamond onyx stone

Diamond onyx stone

One of the most beautiful stones is onyx with crystals like diamonds.

Appearance characteristics of diamond onyx stone:
This stone is available in light white and bone cream colors, which can be seen in all kinds of veins and halos in designs and colors of dark and light brown, gray and sometimes green.
The beauty and distinction of this stone compared to other marble stones is its crystal texture that shines beautifully under the sunlight.

Features :
The most important distinguishing feature of diamond onyx compared to other onyx is its crystal texture. In addition, it has high sanding and polishing ability, low water absorption, high light transmission and high density.

Applications :
Diamond onyx is very suitable for beautifying various spaces, including hotel lobbies and complexes, counters and counters, elevator edges, floor stones and stepping stones of luxurious and special buildings. The attractiveness of this stone is much more in backlight mode than without it. If the diamond marble board is also worked in the form of a book match and a match form, the power and glory of nature will also be revealed.

1. Low water absorption
2 crystalline texture like diamond
3 The ability to pass light
4 hours in

One of the most common sizes of onyx diamonds is the diamond slab, which looks very beautiful in the background light. It is also used as a tile for different parts.
After polishing this stone, the shine of its crystals is doubled.

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