What kind of stone is granite?

A type of internal igneous rock is called Seng Khara or granite, which has medium to coarse grains, granite is composed of quartz, feldspar, mica and some other minerals.

The color of granite stone depends on the mineral and chemistry of the stone, and it can be seen in variable colors such as pink, gray, gray, black, etc. in nature.

Granite is formed from the cooling of molten masses called magma. Granite with a specific weight of 2756 kg/m3 is one of the hardest and most resistant stones.

The resistance of granite stone is higher than marble and travertine stones, and its polished and shiny surface is also preserved more. Granite is the most commonly known stone that is widely used in the construction industry.

Application of granite stone

Granites are more resistant and stronger than limestones; For this reason, it is mostly used in high-traffic places, such as street paving, office and commercial buildings, and subway stations, and we should know that granite is used for interior spaces, such as kitchen

counters, building stairs, and even unit paving. It is also unobstructed. Granite can also be a suitable choice for the facade of the constructions, but it should be kept in mind that the scoping of the stone should not be neglected.

Granite stones are used for building facades, pavements, cabinets, stairs, etc. Granite is the best choice for building stairs.

The stairs of the building are worn due to frequent traffic and dirt settles on them, so a stone like granite should be used for them, which has high resistance and durability. The best place to use granite stones is the parking space, yard floor, open kitchen and stepping stone, and generally high-traffic floors.

The best appearance of granite is its polished state, which shows the beauty of its color and the reflection of its crystals. Granite is often used for flooring and wall frames due to its special elegance and shine.

Granite is one of the most popular and common building materials, and this stone has been used in the interior and exterior of buildings for thousands of years.

Most of the granites are hard and thus they are among the durable building materials. They are resistant to water penetration and impact and withstand industrial environments well.

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