Onyx is a metamorphic stone whose crystals are formed by the recrystallization of limestone.

Since ancient times, onyx stone has had a special place among stones, both in terms of its use in buildings and temples, and in the art of sculpture and decoration.

In limestone, there is a substance called dolomite, which turns into onyx due to pressure and heat.

The solid structure of onyx stone makes it resistant to erosive factors such as rain, humidity, heat and extreme cold. Onyx stone has a very beautiful, diverse and stunning variety of colors and textures.

One of the amazing features of most onyx stones is the ability of light to pass through its texture. As the light passes through the Otis stone, we will witness the creation of beautiful and unique light panels.

The most common use of onyx is in the form of slabs, which are used as a bright and stunning panel with wonderful patterns and colors in interior luxury spaces and facades such as commercial centers, hotels, and homes, and create unique focal points.

Other uses of onyx are for stairs, stone dining table, counter table, bathroom, flooring, wall covering, And of course, carefully and only in certain parts of the exterior of the building.

Application of onyx stones:

Using onyx stone in the exterior of the building:

Many architects of luxury buildings use marble in the exterior of the building due to its attractiveness and impressive beauty. Building facade is generally considered as the face of a building. It should be noted that marble is not resistant to atmospheric factors and acid rain and is easily damaged, and due to the high cost of this stone, it is better to use it inside the building, which increases its durability.

Using onyx marble as flooring:

Marble flooring creates a glow in the room and this contributes to the beauty of the existing space. One of the advantages of using this stone as flooring is its ease. Due to the light absorption of this stone, it can be used in hot weather areas.

Using agate as a stone table:

Perhaps the choice of marble tables is not conventional, but it is used that creates a special and special character. These tables are tough and stunningly beautiful. One of the advantages of using these tables is its compatibility with different design styles.
These tables can be used as dining tables. If you use an agate table in the dining area, a carpet in neutral colors is also used next to it.

Use of onyx stone in the staircase:

Since onyx is a heavy stone, it cannot be used everywhere to make stairs. However, if there are conditions to do such a thing, combining it with wood creates a completely different presentation.

The use of steel fences also creates beauty next to this stone. Using onyx somehow makes the room look bigger.

Using onyx or marble as a counter table:

Undoubtedly, one of the most common areas to use marble is the kitchen counter. The presence of black veins in marble gives a very beautiful and different look to these types of stones. If you use marble counters in the kitchen design, you can use neutral colored elements next to it. This creates a very beautiful view. The use of marble countertops is used in different types of design styles.

Using marble in bathroom design:

It is possible for you to use marble in the design of the bathroom and for the parts of the sink, bathtub and walls. The use of marble makes the bathroom look brighter and also helps break up the monotony of the existing space.
Note that since the patterns of black veins in marble are different from each other, their use in different parts has a different appearance and they are not similar to each other.

Onyx stone as wall stone

Making a marble wall covering is the best option to create a focal point in the desired space. Like marble stairs, if wood or steel is used next to the marble wall, a similar effect will be created and you will have a beautiful and different view. The shine of marble makes a big change in the design of the desired space.

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