marble stone

The color theme of marble is symphony black, which has many fine white veins on its surface.
This stone has excellent quality and due to its unique design and role, many designers and architects use it abundantly in their designs.
It is produced in different dimensions and has various uses in luxury buildings.

Features of Symphony marble
This stone is in the category of high-quality and strong stones in the market and has very good characteristics.

  • Super absorbency due to high density
  • Negligible water absorption due to dense texture and excellent sex
  • High compressive and abrasion resistance
  • Special and unique color theme
  • Durability and durability

Uses of Dehbid Symphony marble slabs:

  • Internal walls of the building
  • Floor stone and lobby body of luxury hotels and commercial buildings
  • The stone behind the TV room
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Stepping stone and staircase wall body
  • Counter tables and cabinet tops
  • Making stone artefacts
  • Decoration and decoration of luxury shops

This stone is usually processed in a polished form in the dimensions of width 40 length, tile and large size slab. A very important point is that black stones should not be used in outdoor environments that are exposed to sunlight. Because they become pale and lose their beautiful appearance.

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