Dehbid black spider marble with waves

Dehbid black spider marble with waves

One of the most important and widely used marble stones is the wavy black Dehbid spider stone, and it is usually one of the luxury stones and one of the most beautiful black stones. Due to its special color, this stone can play a significant role in the beauty of the building.
This type of stone is available in burnt brown and black colors in which golden streaks can be seen.

Ripple black spider stone

As one of the most special stones of Dehbid, it has many advantages that make it a practical and important stone. The first advantage of this stone is its high abrasion resistance. This abrasion resistance makes it not damaged if it is used in busy roads.
Another advantage of Spider marble is its low water absorption.
This makes it possible to use it in environments where there is water.
The high sandability of this marble has made it possible to have shiny and polished stones from it.
In addition to the high sandability of this stone, it can be easily cut into different dimensions.
The unique color and high transparency of black spider stones have made them very special and popular.

Application of wavy black Dehbid marble stone:

Due to its beauty and high strength, Dehbid Spider slab stone is used in the construction of Book Match and Four Match for the floors of hotels, luxury houses, office places, public places, etc.
• exterior view:
One of the most popular applications of Dehbid Spider stone slabs is its use on the exterior of houses, villas, towers and hotels due to its high integrity and length.
• interior view:
The use of stone slabs in the interior such as lobby, bathroom, TV room, walls, etc. is very popular because it allows light to pass through and creates a unique beauty in the environment.
• stairs:
As mentioned, one of the main features of Dehbid Spider slab stone is precise cutting without damaging the stone, for this reason, using this stone for cutting stairs is one of the most popular choices, using Dehbid Spider slab stone in It will give a beautiful design to your stairs at the lowest possible cost.

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