Frontage Stone

Frontage Stone

One of the main parts of the building is the exterior, or in other words, the overall appearance of the building, which expresses the overall quality, style and value of the building.Each region in the world uses different materials based on the environmental and weather conditions and the available construction facilities. In the meantime, the use of natural stones as a facade is an old and common thing that continues in different price ranges. But the correct use of all kinds of stones in the facade is an important principle that must be paid attention to.

Why use stone in the frontage?

In short, the reason for choosing stone for the facade of the building can be summarized in the following cases:

  • Unique and unrepeatable beauty with beautiful colors
  • High resistance and durability and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Reasonable price due to mines in Iran
  • Can be used in all kinds of modern and classic architectural styles

Travertine stone in the frontage

It is considered the most suitable option for the exterior, which is also used in the interior. As an example, this stone is used in Roman-style facades.

Travertine is considered as one of the light stones and due to having suitable pores, it easily sticks to the wall and the desired place with mortar. In addition to the facade, it is also used as a wall stone, which creates an impenetrable and shiny surface due to the processing of the stone.

Granite stone in the frontage

In previous years, this stone was widely used in building facades. But due to the high weight, lack of adhesion and oxidation of the iron in some types, it is no longer recommended for use on facades. As far as its use is prohibited by the Nama Municipal Committee.

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