This type of stone has been given the name of tramite due to its similarity and characteristics of marble and travertine. It can be said that, in fact, tramite stone is a combination of marble and travertine, of which travertine constitutes a greater percentage.

Due to the presence of a high percentage of lime, these stones transfer a little weight to the structure.

Tramite rocks are sedimentary rocks that are composed of clay and sand.

Tramite stone was not under high pressure and temperature when it was formed, and for this reason, it has high lime.

The application of the termite stone

Tramite stone is used in the construction of interior facades such as interior walls, parking lot walls, staircase walls, etc.

Tramite stone is also used for the exterior, it should be noted that this stone is mostly used in geographical areas with dry weather for the exterior of the building, of course, a stone should be chosen in this context, whose pores and pores are completely covered. And its water absorption is very low and reduced to zero.

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