Lashtar Leather Hammer

Lashtar Leather Hammer

Due to its high durability and strength, it is considered one of the most popular and popular marble stones in the world.
The unique and modern color combination of Leshtar stone has made it used in special and luxurious designs in the interior, such as floor stone, stepping stone, wall stone and toilets.
Lashter marble has a black and dark gray color theme and attractive white streaks can be seen on its surface.
Due to the great similarity of Lashter marble to the Italian Pietra Gray stone, the brand name of Pietra Gray has also been given to this stone.
Tiles and slabs are produced in different dimensions.

In Lashter marble processing, the surface of the stone is rubbed by special brushes and bits and creates a uniform needle surface. Due to the roughness and needleness of the surface, the friction of the stone surface increases and its resistance also increases. This stone is produced and processed in grooved, reed and puzzle sizes.

Lashter Bush Hammer leather marble features

This stone has very good properties.

The extraordinary high strength of Lashter marble compared to other marble stones is one of the best features of this stone. Bush hammer processing also adds to the compressive and wear resistance of the stone. Lashter Bosch hammer stone is known as one of the strongest and most resistant stones.
The unique design and role of this stone, along with its high density and good quality, are other features of Lashter marble. Sorting of this stone is done according to the amount of veins on the surface of the stone.
This stone has very little water absorption. Therefore, it can be used in wet areas. Another good feature of bush hammer limestone is its high wear resistance. The surface of this stone is uneven and it can be used in the exterior parts of the building.

Uses of Lashter Bush Hammer marble:
Its best use is to use it as floor stone in outdoor spaces. Because when it rains and the surface of the stone gets wet, the good friction of the stone prevents slipping.

  • The exterior of the building
  • Internal walls of the building
  • Using bush hammer stone as a paving stone for outdoor spaces
  • Stone steps of the exterior parts of the building
  • Interior view of the building

Bush Hammer leather marbles are resistant to external factors and sunlight and do not lose their beautiful appearance.
By combining this stone with white travertine stones such as Abbas Abad wonderful travertine, you can create attractive and pleasant spaces.

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