Black spider marble stone

Black spider marble stone

It is one of the best dark marbles, which has a special beauty and effect.
Spider black marble with a black or burnt brown background color is placed in the category of dark marble stones. The golden veins on the surface of this stone are interwoven like spider webs, that is why this stone is called Dehbid Spider.
Since dark colors are generally included in the category of warm colors, this stone also gives a special warmth and glory to the space with its dark background color. For this reason, this stone is one of the most beautiful dark marble stones available in the market.

  • Very low water absorption
  • Very high absorbability, which makes this stone have high gloss and transparency. This is one of the most important features of this stone.
  • High abrasion resistance
  • eautiful and unique color

Application of Dehbid Spider marble

According to the beautiful color theme of this stone and the golden veins that are beautifully interwoven, if it is used in interior views, it gives a special splendor and warmth to the space. Other uses of this stone include:

  • Paving and interior facades
  • Lobby wall
  • (elevator edge) is one of the most common uses of this stone.
  • Due to its structure, Dehbid Spider marble is often used in office environments, hotel lobbies, buildings and luxury commercial units in the interior.

By using stones with golden colors next to Dehbid Spider marble, it doubles its beauty. (Like other marbles, Dehbid Spider marble cannot be used in places exposed to sunlight) because it loses its texture and color.

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