Floor Stone

Floor Stone

Stone is one of the most common materials used in the interior and exterior of the building. The floor stone of the building if it is in harmony with its surrounding environment; It will create an eye-catching and beautiful space.
Different types of stones are used for various purposes, and the right stone for use in building flooring depends on various parameters, such as the type of use in indoor or outdoor spaces, design style, etc.

The use of floor stones

In general, stone can be used in various parts of the building such as walls, stairs and floors. But when it comes to flooring, which part of the building is the floor? Is the floor stone used outside or inside the house?

Used as floor stone for large halls

One of the wide applications of stone is its use in reception halls of houses, hotel lobbies, arcades and many other public centers. In these places, due to the closed interior space, it is possible to choose the best stone from among the wide range of samples available in the market.

Use as floor stone

Stone is used to cover different parts of the floor of residential apartments. This building material increases the beauty of the house and gives a fresh and attractive effect to the environment along with other interior decoration elements. The stone is also used for the flooring of stairs and steps.

Use as yard stone

Another use of stone is to use it for yard flooring. Of course, the stone used for the floor of the courtyard must have special characteristics such as resistance to moisture and pollution and high water absorption. Also, the non-slippery and non-abrasiveness of the stone against sunlight should also be considered.

Use as parking floor stones

Parking has special conditions. This place is considered as one of the external environments of the building and it is different from the courtyard area due to being covered. As a result, important points should be considered when choosing a stone for parking.

The strength of the stone is one of the things that should be considered when buying a stone for parking. Because the passing of the car may break the stones.

Use on floors in industrial environments

In some industrial units and workshop environments, stone is also used to cover the floor. Suitable stones for such places should have more strength. Also, the cut of these stones is usually thicker for installation. On the other hand, high resistance to chemicals and lack of stone corrosion are among the features that you should consider when buying surface stone for industrial places.

Use on the floor of the elevator

Choosing the stone is one of the most important decisions during construction. Marble, granite and travertine stones are suitable for this part of the building. Also, in order to make the floor of the elevator look more beautiful, stones with slab dimensions should be used.

Granite slabs are also used in freight elevators. These types of stones have more strength and compressive resistance. According to the type of elevator and the characteristics of the stones, other types of stones are also used for the flooring of this part.

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