3D Black marble stone

3D Black marble stone

Black background with irregular white lines so that these lines create a (3D) state in the stone.
This stone is often processed as slabs.
Sandability and high resistance are good features of this stone. 3D Black marble is produced in polished and leathery form.


This stone can be processed into slabs and tiles. But due to market demand, it is often offered in slab form.

Features of Tri-D Black marble

  • Relatively moderate compressive strength
  • Beautiful and unique color
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Optimum water absorption

Application of 3D Black marble stone:

Due to the characteristics of this marble, it is mostly used in the interior spaces of the building.
This luxury stone is used as flooring and wall covering in commercial buildings and business units and luxury hotels.
of this stone because of its lower pressure resistance than other stones of its families; It is often used in walls.

  • TV room (TV ROO),
  • Around the outer door of the elevator
  • Luxury bathrooms
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