It is one of the metamorphic rocks and sometimes sediments that are abundantly found in the earth’s crust and have a unique variety in terms of quality, design and color.

In the texture of this stone, there are beautiful fossil veins that stand out in a special way in each stone Water absorption and porosity of marble stones are low and they have good density. For this reason, marble is often used for flooring and stairs.

Stones such as Najaf Abad black marble, Dehbid Zare marble, Khoi marble, Persiansilk marble, Paradise marble, Cappuccino marble, Lashter marble, etc. are in demand in all dimensions (tile, length, slab, small bar, step).

This is while in some others, the use of slabs is more economical and shows better stone; It is popular (such as Paizan marble, Three Day Black marble, etc.)

Stone painting

In most black marble stones, in order for the background of the stone to be darker and more effective, its surface is covered with colored materials. With this, as long as the stone is properly cared for and not exposed to sunlight, it will last longer. Therefore, it is recommended to use it indoors as much as possible. Because after a while, there will be no news of that initial color and glaze. This process is often seen in foreign rock samples.

Resin and UV

Using resin materials on marble stones, in addition to covering possible seams and holes on the stone, makes the stone more shiny and well polished. On the other hand, it prevents the penetration of moisture and rotting and stainability of the stone to a great extent Marble is a soft stone that is processed by different cutting machines according to the type of order and dimensions, each of which has an effect on the fineness of the work and the final price. Another noteworthy point is the net behind the stone, which makes it more cohesive and strong.

How to sub-marble:

Polished finish is one of the most popular options.
The leather process is also a lower grade than the substone In some cases, to prevent frustration, the surface of the stone is made with a needle or an ax with the help of a machine or by hand.

Application of marble stone:

  • floor stone
  • stepping stone
  • Wall Plugs
  • counter and counter
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