Royal Cream Marble

Royal Cream Marble

Royal cream colored marble is one of the most popular and popular natural stones that has a smooth and velvety appearance.Royal cream marble mine is located in Kerman.

The light cream color background and cream color lines of this natural stone make you feel rich and attractive, so it is very suitable for indoor use.

Royal cream marble is one of the most popular stones.

Its simplicity allows it to be used in flooring, staircases and parking lot walls.

Limestone is formed from the sediments of warm and infinite seas and combined with granite millions of years ago.

Marble has veins and fossils that give this stone a special beauty.

Marble has chains called stylolites, which can be seen in the texture of the stone like heart rhythms.

Marbles are suitable for facades and carpet floors inside and outside the building.

This stone can be supplied in the form of slabs, tiles and coupes.

Feature of royal cream colored marble stone:

Good compressive strength
Good abrasion resistance
proper weight
Low water absorption

Application of royal cream colored marble stone:

Stepping stone and footstool
Paving of commercial, office and residential units
Parking lot walls
Interior view of the building

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