Simon Stone

Simon Stone

Simon stone (porcelain or crystal) has a white background with irregular black and gray lines running diagonally across the length of the stone. This stone is very beautiful.
It is very popular and famous all over the world.
Often this stone is processed in the form of polished slabs of match book and match form, and it is cut into different dimensions according to the customer’s order.

Features of Simon:

Crystal stones generally have crystal properties that lead to very good sanding of these stones.
Chinese stones are from the family of marble stones, which of course is a stone with common characteristics of marble and onyx.
These stones have a shiny surface and are unique in terms of their resistance to acidic or alkaline household substances such as lemon juice and do not stain.
Very high resistance.
Low water absorption.
Ability to process book matching and form matching.

Application of premium Simon Slab porcelain stone:

  • Interior decoration of buildings
  • Covering the internal walls and the body of the corridor wall
  • Floor stone for commercial and office complexes
  • The staircase and its wall body
  • Bathroom service and bathtub
  • Top stone for cabinets and tables
  • Decoration and space behind the TV
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