Najaf Abad black marble stone

Najaf Abad Black Marble Stone

with black color and irregular lines and white spidery.

These irregular lines have caused the unique beauty of this marble stone.

Attributes :

  • High resistance to strength and pressure
  • High compressibility
  • Low porosity
  • Bottom absorption of water
  • Has limited sorts
  • Color uniformity
  • High absorbability
  • Has a pure black color with crow’s feathers

It is cut as a stone slab or stone tile.

Application of Najaf Abad black marble stone:

This building stone is one of the most popular Iranian marble stones and many designers and architects use it in the interior of the building.

This black marble stone gives your building a special beauty and glory. Usually, this building stone is used in different parts such as:

  • In the interior of buildings
  • In the pavement of buildings
  • Interior wall of luxury buildings and shopping centers
  • Internal walls of hotels
  • Tables with stone tops
  • Lobby floor of hotels and luxurious halls
  • Bathrooms and toilets
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